Yahoo Dating

Here's what we found at Yahoo dating, one of the leading sources for online dating.

When you visit Yahoo personals, you find that it has a local focus and feel, although you can certainly expand your search with no problem.

It is easy to initiate free contact with other singles at Yahoo, using what they call "Icebreakers". They allow you one Icebreaker per person. When you subscribe, you get full access to email contact with other singles.

We also have a more in-depth review of Yahoo dating here, along with other online dating services you may wish to check out.

There are more singles than ever using online dating services as a viable alternative to other ways of meeting, like the bar scene, which, of course, is infamous for its paradoxical nature of having a high concentration of singles, yet at the same time seems to be an environment which is almost universally viewed with contempt by singles!

So check out the leading online dating services, along with Yahoo dating, to see what they offer, and which one suits you the best.

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