Valentines Day Thoughts for Guys

...from David DeAngelo.

Well Happy Damn Valentine's Day!

OK, so I'm reading some "Valentines Dating Tips" here on a famous website today...

And here are a few that stood out... the REAL gems...

"Leave your home and work numbers. No home number and she'll assume you have a wife or a girlfriend..."

"Don't assume that just because you're out with a beautiful woman, she knows how pretty she looks -- she wants to hear it from you..."

"She expects you to know her eye color after the first date..."

You know, they really should have called this article "How To Be The World's Biggest WussBag In Three Easy Lessons - So Much So, In Fact, That No Attractive Woman Could Or Would Ever Have You".

I can visualize it as I write this...

The editors of the online magazine all sitting around the boardroom deciding on which articles to use... not-a-one of them being a single guy who's successful with women... and then the "Leave your home and work numbers" article comes in.

They all look at each other with the "Yea, this is the SHIZZZZNIT!" look...

And the rest is history.

Ten million guys read it the next month and all smile inside, eating it up like it's the last lick of cookie dough in the bowl.

I dunno.

If I were writing these tips, I would have said:

"If she has a slight suspicion that you have a girlfriend, she'll be WAY more into you..."

"If you're out with an unusually beautiful woman, make sure you bust her balls and tease her about not being cute..."

"Make a comment early on about not remembering what color her eyes were... and then blame it on her somehow..."

Am I crazy?

Is there something wrong with me?

Am I a bad guy because I actually enjoy it when women feel ATTRACTION for me... instead of wondering whether or not I'm GAY?

I mean, I dig Queer Eye... but what I learn from the show ends with food and fashion...

Look, if you've got a sweet, wonderful girlfriend that you love, then congrats!

I'm happy for you.

Plan a wonderful dinner for her and a night of wild monkey-lovin'.

Call her and say "Be ready tonight at 7. Put on something nice. And wear those hot shoes that I like...".

Get her a cute card, write her a note, and tell her something wonderful.

But if you're NOT going to be spending your Vday with a sweetie because you don't HAVE one, then for GOSHSAKES, don't do any of the WUSSY things that all of the "relationship" gurus are talking about.

Here, let me make a psychic prediction:

In the next 24 hours, single men are going to spend BILLIONS of dollars trying to win the approval of women...

And 99.9% of that money will go to WASTE.

If you step outside your door at about midnight... and you're REAL, REAL QUIET, you'll hear the unmistakable sound of millions upon millions upon millions of CHICKENS BEING SPANKED all across the land...

And if you don't step outside to listen, then I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

Look, attractive women aren't looking for men who want to BUY their attention.

A woman wants a guy who is so fun and so interesting that she wants to be with him JUST TO BE WITH HIM.

Buying things for women in order to make up for not knowing how to attract them with your personality, communication, and humor is a losing game.

Don't waste your time.

I can remember when I used to think that I had to buy women jewelry, flowers, and gifts to get their love and approval and affection.

I did that for years.

And it never worked very well.

Well, after spending the last several years studying the secrets that "naturals" use to attract women, I can see WHY it never worked very well.

If you want to be one of the guys who GETS all the gifts on Valentine's Day... and who has his phone ringing off the hook from women calling HIM, then I recommend you check out my eBook and my Advanced Dating Techniques program.

Inside, I'll teach you all of the steps to turning the odds in your favor... and how to meet the kinds of women that you've always wanted.

And you can go download my online eBook right here... and be reading it within a few minutes from right now.

Valentine's Day is a pain for a lot of guys. But it doesn't HAVE to be that way. Take some action and take things into your own hands. Dating Tips Main Page

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