Russian Marriage Agencies

Which Ones Are Worth Your Time and Money

... And which ones will rip you off?

First, let's distinguish between Russian marriage agencies actually operated in Russia, and marriage agencies based in the west, but which focus on Russian "mail order brides".

There is certainly no shortage of marriage agencies operated in Russia, and we will touch on them in this discussion.

But for our purposes, we are mainly concerned with marriage agencies which provide introduction services to single Russian women and are based in the west, mainly the USA.

Some have expressed the opinion that if you stick with marriage agencies involved with single russian women based in the US, at least you have recourse in the event of a dispute.

That said, there are quality marriage agencies operated in Russia, and many of them partner with western marriage agencies.

But there are a handful of well known US based Russian marriage agencies which you may want to consider if you are serious about your search for a Russian mail order bride.

Anastasia-Russian Brides is one such agency, more formally known as AnastasiaWeb. Their sister site is

Another is A Foreign Affair, also quite well known in the industry, and a quality, reputable source, well worth checking out for single Russian women.

Still another which we highly recommend is Elena's models, founded by Elena Petrova, who herself has gone through the experience of being a Russian "mail order bride" (a term which she rightfully detests, and which we only use here because most people are familair with it.).

You can find out more about these Russian marriage agencies at our main site. We encourage you to explore the informaton we have there, and submit any questions you may have.

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