Russian Mail Order Brides:

What Do They Really Want?

As we have said before, the term "Russian mail order brides" is a bit misleading and has a negative connotiation. Relationships with foreign brides can be as meaningful as any other.

But since most people are familiar with the term "mail order brides", we use it to describe these quality ladies, one of whose ads we are featuring below.

There is much misconception in the west on the topic of mail order brides. We wanted to feature Liana's ad below, so that you can get a better idea of exactly what some of these single Russian women are looking for, and what their outlook on life is:

I am a bright, individual, beautiful and intelligent woman, with a strong character. I have rare qualities combined, my mind and my appearance. I always know what I want in life, I'm a very ambitious person. I get great pleasure when I have an opportunity to travel and study traditions and cultures of different people. I have a charming daughter whom I love. I worked in the modelling business in Tashkent. I have a diploma. I am a sincere, kind, reliable and true woman. I like to create home coziness. On the other hand I have a lot of friends and I like to be outside, out of the city on the weekend. I like a bright life, the lights of the big city in the evenings. I would not want routine in my life. I have a good, gentle disposition, and a tremendous sense of humor. With me you will not be bored and your life will not be monotonous. We shall live a bright and beautiful life, sharing our feelings and emotions. And we shall enjoy spiritual and physical dialogue. I'm very attentive, listen and will always understand you. At home I shall surround you with care, tenderness and attention, and in society it will be pleasant for you to have near you a beautiful, intelligent and elegant woman. I'm a refined woman. I like to decorate my life with beautiful things, including my external appearance and my house. In my housr there is a bouquet of fresh flowers always. I am very romantic, I love melodious and classical music which constantly sounds in my house.

Liana is Russian "mail order bride" #14589 at Elena's Models, where you can contact her. Scroll down this page until you see our review for Elena's Models.

This is obviously a quality lady with much to offer, and she may no longer be available by the time you read this.

But if she is not, feel free to browse the hundreds of model-quality Russian "mail order brides" at the link above, and you may be surprised at the sheer number of beautiful and sincere Russian and Ukrainian women available there.

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