Russian Mail Order Brides:

What Do They Really Want?

As we have said before, the term "Russian mail order brides" is a bit misleading and has a negative connotiation. Relationships with foreign brides can be as meaningful as any other.

But since most people are familiar with the term "mail order brides", we use it to describe these quality ladies, one of whose ads we are featuring below.

There is much misconception in the west on the topic of mail order brides. We wanted to feature Tatiana's ad below, so that you can get a better idea of exactly what some of these single Russian women are looking for, and what their outlook on life is

This lady is gorgeous and obviously very thoughtful, as you will see below:

I hope to meet a man, who will be able to understand me and accept all my "devils". I think he should be an ambitious man, who is successful in his business. He must be optimistic, like me. He must be kind and intelligent, tender and loving. (The more, the better.)

I believe mutual understanding to be the basis of relations between people. I don't think relations within the marriage may be ideal, it's much more important for them to be active and develop. My dream is to create a marriage where the members feel internal unity, show mutual support and take care of each other.

I get an impression about a person rather quickly, but I do not trust this impression because the quicker you have an impression the more wrong it can be. I usually try to get an idea of a person when I've known him/her for some time. Everyone has their good and bad qualities. I tend to correct my own but I do not hide my feelings. We can not make everybody like us, and we should not even try. We should be natural, and say what we think but of course, without being tactless. I do not think that this is a kind of luxury. Either people accept me as I am or they don't.

Sometimes I like to do unexpected things. Being able to be spontaneous (in thoughts and actions) means that your soul and brain are still young. Nobody can be spontaneous all the time. But being able to be, is often necessary in very direct social contacts, also in marriage which is the most intensive social (and of course private) contact. Being spontaneous in my opinion does not mean that you do not think about it before you do or say something. I think it just means that your way of thinking is not conventional or expected. But of course, spontaneity has its limits in such situations where it offends the feelings of other people.

I actually do not suffer from loneliness, at least not on the surface. I have quite a lot of friends with whom I often spend my free time, and I know many people. But deep inside I feel quite lonely. I think that a marriage is the unit of two people who support, love and understand each other. Necessary requirements to form such a "team" is frankness, sense of humor, kindness, common interests, interest in each other, of course sexuality, and the ability or rather the readiness for compromise.

A man (just like a woman) should be ready to be responsible within a marriage. Both of them will have to give up some parts of their past life, because otherwise they would be married and live together, and still be separated from each other by their past egoistical life. But the main thing is that they have to love each other.

Tatiana is Russian "mail order bride" #14624 at Elena's Models, where you can contact her. Scroll down this page until you see our review for Elena's Models.

This is obviously a quality lady with much to offer, and she may no longer be available by the time you read this.

But if she is not, feel free to browse the hundreds of model-quality Russian "mail order brides" at the link above, and you may be surprised at the sheer number of beautiful and sincere Russian and Ukrainian women available there.

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