Russian Mail Order Brides:

What Do They Really Want?

As we have said before, the term "Russian mail order brides" is a bit misleading and has a negative connotiation. Relationships with foreign brides can be as meaningful as any other.

But since most people are familiar with the term "mail order brides", we use it to describe these quality ladies, one of whose ads we are featuring below.

There is much misconception in the west on the topic of Russian mail order brides. We wanted to feature Tatiana's ad below, so that you can get a better idea of exactly what some of these single Russian women are looking for, and what their outlook on life is:

Personality: I'm calm and steady, it's very difficult to talk about myself. Before making a decision I think everything over several times. I accept everything in life as it is and I think that everybody in this life is unique. I don't like to argue but sometimes it's necessary to uphold your opinion. I try not to take offence and I forgive everybody for everything.

I am very optimistic and cheerful. I love to keep my house clean and cozy, but at the same time I am hospitable. I like when my house smells of fresh bread, when my friends come. I enjoy meeting people and I am very sociable.

My friends like everything I cook, because I put my heart into it. I like food from different countries and collect cookbooks. In spite of my love of cooking, I am slim ;-)...

I would like to have a friend by my side. His age and appearance do not matter very much. I expect him to be kind, understanding, honest, optimistic, as it is really important.

I know that there are no ideal people and I am not ideal either, but I will give you a hot dinner in the evening, my warm shoulder at night, a kiss in the morning, care and reliability. You will protect me from this complicated world, you will let me be proud of you and you will bring me a cup of tea if I am ill.

Everything will be fine, we will take into consideration our old mistakes, we will create our own cozy and reliable world without quarrels and infidelity. It might be possible!

Tatiana is Russian "mail order bride" #14666 at Elena's Models, where you can contact her. Scroll down this page on Russian mail order brides until you see our review for Elena's Models.

This is obviously a quality lady with much to offer, and she may no longer be available by the time you read this.

But if she is not, feel free to browse the hundreds of model-quality Russian "mail order brides" at the link above, and you may be surprised at the sheer number of beautiful and sincere Russian and Ukrainian women available there.

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