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When I decided to expand my search to include a possible Russian bride, the more I learned, the more I kept going back to certain sites.

One of these sites is A Foreign Affair. They're one of the best known, reputable organizations for Russian brides and international dating.

They emphasize that, rather than simply being a source for mail order brides or Russian brides, their goal is to supply you with the tools to find that special person, regardless of where they reside.

Their service is based on mutual trust and respect, and both parties must be attracted and want to start a meaningful relationship.

One common question that arises for many looking for a Russian bride, is whether the ladies are really interested in the men, or just in coming to America.

(Click here for more discussion on this issue in our section on Asian brides.)
A Foreign Affair says that in their experience, the primary objective of ladies who have become Russian "mail order brides" is to find a loyal, dependable, stable man with whom they can build a happy and loving family.

This view is supported by men who have reported first hand experience. Most ladies are looking for a reliable and loving partner first, by leaving their own country, where there is a lack of the right type of man, and conditions can be hard.

American men in particular seem to be known for treating women well, in comparison to men in other countries.

As mentioned above, the ladies may not be able to find a good partner in their own country for a variety of reasons, such as a shortage of men due to war, poor economic conditions which cause many men to avoid responsibilities of a family. Russia, for example, has a pervasive problem of alcoholism.

AFA offers a variety of services in addition to providing addresses, such as romance tours, phone translation, fiance visa kits, a publication for men to place ads for the Russian brides, and more.

This is what Joe M. had to say, in May of 2000:

"This is no game. They are like girls were here in the 50's. No pretense, no attitude, no baggage, just all girl... I advise anyone who is considering a trip with AFA to go. It is all you expect and a lot more."

One really helpful feature is that every Monday night, you can call in to a conference line and discuss your questions or concerns with representatives of AFA, and with as many as 50 others from around the world.

Some of the guys who call in have been on the tours and have attended the socials. Disbelief (the good kind) is the word that describes their reaction to the variety and number of beautiful women at these events!

Through an arrangement with A Foreign Affair, shown below are pictures of the top ten picks for potential Russian brides, of this week and month.

You can click here, or on any of the photos below to go to that lady's page at A Foreign Affair to find out about what is more than just a service for mail order brides.

Top Five Russian Women, updated weekly:

Top Five Ukrainian Women, Updated Monthly:

Top Five Foreign Women, updated monthly:

Review A Foreign Affair or submit a success story.

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