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When deciding to write to potential Russian "mail order brides", keep in mind the importance of what you are doing. You are literally taking the first step in a journey that can dramatically change your life for the better.

It is important to assign this step the value it deserves. Here is an excerpt from the best source we have found on the subject of writing to a Russian "mail order bride", and we'll tell you more about that source below.

Just how do you go about writing letters that will get 9 out of 10 responses?

Most attractive women receive many letters. And surely you don’t want to limit yourself to writing to unattractive women to avoid competition.

Now the trick - you can actually use your competition to your benefit!


Now stop for a second. Remember the 7 truths about Russian women? They are less interested in your appearance than in your personality.

You also remember that essentially Russian women seek worthy guys for marriage. They will pass 10 good-looking guys out of 10 if they think they are not “worthy” or what they seek is not marriage.

So in your first introduction letter you must convince her that you are “worthy” and what you seek is marriage. You must also remember that all women are emotional by nature. They go with the feeling. If your letter “feels" right, she will respond positively.

If your letter does not "feel" right, you might never receive a response. So your letter should not be a book of facts but an entertaining, enjoyable and easy reading. And it should show your great sense of humor. If you manage to make the woman smile, you are halfway there!

Writing the first “introduction” letter to women is the trickiest trick of all - this is THE THING that makes it or breaks it in your search for your ideal Russian woman. Too bad most guys don’t realize it!

But you are reading this book, so you will be able to use your competition to your benefit: their BAD introduction letters will just highlight for women how GOOD your letter is.

(And good or bad introduction letter makes the woman think that the guy himself is good or bad, accordingly.)

You will be thankful to all the guys that wrote to this woman before - they made your job so much easier. Now she will be able to notice the difference.

You must ensure a woman that you are a quality (“worthy”) man that will provide her with what she is looking for (marriage), that you are trustworthy and what you say are not just words but hard facts and that you will deliver what you promise.

You must overcome her fears in your ability to solve her problem (finding a “worthy” man for marriage) and to ensure her she will benefit if she chooses you.

But wait; don’t all other men try to do exactly the same? Why is it that that their response rate is 1 out of 10?

Because most people don’t think.

Bernard Shaw said, "Few people think more than two or three times a year; I have made an international reputation for myself by thinking once or twice a week."

Even if they think what to write in the letter, they usually undersell or (what is even worse) oversell themselves.

They either just throw facts (“features”) into woman’s face (and often pick up wrong features), or they try to convince the woman so hard that they are right for her that they scare her away.

Just how do you write to get a great response? Well, read on..."

Elena Petrova, pictured below, is the author of the material above, from her ebook which should not be missed by anyone considering looking for a Russian "mail order bride" abroad.

Elena has gone through the process of meeting and marrying a western man, and speaks from personal experience.

Not only have I found this book fascinating, I have also found it incredibly useful in my communication with Russian "mail order brides".

This is quality material, from an intelligent woman who has lived the process, and is now living the result.

Click on the photo to read more.

Review this ebook, or submit a comment about Russian mail order brides.

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