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What are Single Russian Women Looking For?

Recently, I ran across an ad at Elena's Models (see "Marry a Model" link at right), which seems to express what most Russian "mail order brides" are looking for.

Keep in mind that when they refer to "family", it can mean a bond between a man and woman, which may or may not include kids unless she mentions it.

It will also be obvious that this lady, as with all of these exceptional ladies, do not see themselves as "Russian mail order brides", but as merely looking for someone with qualities that are not available to them in their own country.

The ad was placed by Oksana, 34, #14183:

I have a University degree and a good job. Unfortunately, these things do not make me happy. It is not that I do not like to work, but I dream of getting married.

Family is very important for me, because family gives me a sense of tradition, strength and purpose. I do not believe I can find a good man to marry in Belarus. Because of this, I have thought for many years I would like to marry a foreign man.

This is important to me, and I have studied English and worked hard to keep healthy and beautiful so that a foreign man would want me for a wife. I will be a good wife, loving and faithful. I will be your best friend. I will be a wonderful mother to our children. I will take an interest in the things you are interested in.

I am easy to make happy, easy to forgive. In all areas of our life you will find I have a great desire to give you happiness. It would please me greatly if you return these acts of kindness to me.

My requirements are few. I ask that you be stable so that our family can flourish. I ask that you do not have bad habits such as drinking, smoking or drugs.

Lastly, please be certain you have considered the difficulties of obtaining a Belarussian wife, and that you are prepared to come to me.

If you meet these requirements, please answer! I am very excited to hear from you. Please write to me.

So, why consider a Russian mail order bride? In the words of Elena Petrova of Elena's Models, because you are worth it.

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