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You may want to consider a Russian mail order bride if you are not meeting the type of woman you are seeking locally, or if you want a wider variety of age range.

In other words, if you know that you want someone young, beautiful, educated, and intelligent, and do not want to settle.

You may be adventurous and simply prefer not to do things in an average way, and seek the wonderful qualities that a Russian mail order bride can offer.

Many guys report being tired of getting a lot of attitude from very average and below average women in the west, when they find that in the FSU there is an abundance of lovely women who are in great shape, not overweight, who are eager to know them as a person, not for how fat their wallet is.

Typically, in the US, most ladies prefer an age difference of 5-10 years max. But in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe, it is not unusual to see a much greater acceptance of age difference.

A difference of 10-15 years is not at all unusual, and many women will accept an even greater age difference. You may be seeking a younger woman for creation of a family, may just prefer younger women...;)

These ladies are very family oriented, are known for their belief in traditional values and the traditional family unit, not in feminism.

Russian brides tend to be very well educated. In their profiles, you may see some job titles for younger women that in the west would be unheard of -- doctor, lawyer, engineer, for example.

If a lady mentions a job title like this, she has received or is receiving a formal education for these positions, and/or actually holds this type of position.

However, doctors, for example, are low-paid positions there, and many take higher paid jobs in sales to boost their income.

And let's not forget their legendary beauty - just have a look below if you need further proof of this!

From experience, I can say that if you correspond with these quality ladies, you will quickly find out, with almost no exception, that they are real, and absolutely serious and committed to connecting with, and marrying, a quality husband.

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