Mail Order Brides, Russian Brides:

Are You Crazy To Consider a Mail Order Bride?

Are They Best for Beauty and Traditional Values?

First, "Mail order bride" is a term often referring to Russian brides What are Single Russian Women Looking For?

Recently, I ran across an ad at Elena's Models (also profiled below), which seems to express what most "mail order brides" of the FSU are looking for.

Keep in mind that when they refer to "family", it can mean a bond between a man and woman, which may or may not include kids unless she mentions it.

So, why consider a mail order bride? In the words of Elena Petrova (of Elena's Models, below), you are worth it.


Special message to lovely ladies from Russia, Ukraine, eastern europe, or Asia, who are looking for western or American husbands.


Here is some of what you'll find ahead on this page:

  • See stunning photos below of top ten mail order brides to be, and more at A Foreign Affair.
  • See photos below and email some of the sexiest potential Russian brides at AnastasiaWeb. New search form below! New: What we found out about negative internet posts.
  • New: Below, check out new girls this week at A Pretty Woman. Also below are stunning, sexy photos of their most popular mail order brides.
  • Elena's Models is specifically for mail order brides of model quality! Find out more below.
  • "How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me", written by Elena of Elena's Models, who was herself a Russian bride.
  • 100 new mail order brides every Friday: Don't overlook Scanna International, one of the oldest and best sources for Russian brides.
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    A Foreign Affair (Click here for more discussion on this issue in our section on Asian brides.)

    Here's a Tip!
    Many foreign ladies looking for western or American husbands also place personal ads and photos directly in some of the online dating services which we profile here, so there is the possibility for more immediate (and cheaper) contact.

    Be aware, though, you will not see the sheer numbers of ladies that you would with the mail order bride sites on these pages.

    There is also more potential for just anyone to post a profile for scamming purposes, but this is not always a concern. Search for Russian mail order brides at
    In Quick Search, look for a link that says Search Outside the US.

    Review this site or submit a success story.

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    One study reports that the 5-year divorce rate for mail order brides is less than 2%, almost non-existent compared to a recent 52.7% divorce rate for the general population of the USA.


    here. AnastasiaWeb does have an astounding number of satisfied customers. You'll see for yourself testimonials from many of them at their site.

    Review this site or submit a success story.

    This interesting article discusses why the huge demand by foreign women for American husbands, and who are the mail order brides.

    Read Elena's eye-opening article about the term Mail Order Brides, Russian brides, and more, at Russian Women's Magazine.

    Elena's .

    This seems to be one of the best offers around for Russian mail order brides (after all, one address would cost you only $0.12), so check out the photos of potential Russian brides of model quality here - browsing is free!

    Review this site or submit a success story.

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    Scanna International (associated with AnastasiaWeb, above), in existence since 1980, is a site specializing in Russian Brides and mail order brides in general. They have over 10,000 potential Russian brides on their site now, and add 100 more every Friday. They feel that the number of available ladies increases your chance for a response, and lessens the chance that the ladies will be overwhelmed.

    Scanna was the first mail order bride service to feature a Popularity Page, which tells you how many letters a woman has received. The site also features helpful articles relating to mail order brides, like How to be a Postal Lady Killer, Dating Customs in the CIS, and Sending Faxes and Emails Overseas.

    There are numerous success stories featured as well. Scanna is another example of how foreign introduction services have evolved from simply offering mail order brides.

    Click here to check out photos, success stories, and articles at Scanna.

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