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Eastern European Dating Services:
Instant Chat With Gorgeous, Sincere Women

Russian Mail Order Brides : Russian Mail Order Bride News Home : February 2005 : Eastern European Dating Services:
Instant Chat With Gorgeous, Sincere Women

Eastern European Dating Services:
Instant Chat With Gorgeous, Sincere Women

If you seek contact with the most beautiful, educated women available, eastern European dating services are the way to go, if you are not finding what you are looking for in your country,

There are two main types of eastern European dating services you can use. The first, and most common in the west, are the services sometimes referred to as "mail order bride" services. We explore, and recommend, many of these dating services in the series on Russian mail order brides. These sites are great for anyone considering a Russian bride, or a lady from Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, or other eastern European country.

Here I want to talk about one of the best eastern European dating services of a different kind, called Lucky Lovers. This dating site is set up more like what you are probably accustomed to with local online dating, There is one major difference, and that is that there is an abundance of lovely, educated eastern European women who are eager to get to know you...;). Many guys complain that locally it is like pulling teeth to get to know the kind of woman they are looking for. And if they do, they say that often the woman is more interested in the kind of car they drive ar how big their house is!

Well, from personal experience, I can tell you that after using this dating site for about 9 months to become acquainted with some very special ladies, they are more interested in who you are on the inside, rather than what your material posessions consist of. And of course, these eastern European women are less concerend with age differences. In their culture, it is common to age differences from ten years and more. I have heard of age differences up to 25 years where the couple is quite happy, although my personal opinion is that with such a great age difference, the chances of remaining together decrease in the long term.

Compared to other eastern European dating services, Lucky Lovers is priced quite reasonably. I just renewed my membership yesterday, for $19.99, good for the next month. I paid through Pay Pal, which for me is very convenient. Also, they do not automatically rebill you, so if you forget or become involved in other things, you don't have months of charges during times when you have not used the service.

The thing I like the most about this site is their instant chat feature, which includes webcam if you want to use a camera. You can chat in real time with any number of ladies of your choice. I find that when I enter the chat room, it isn't long before I receive messages from several ladies wanting to chat with me, before I message them to chat.

I should mention that as part of the instant chat module of this site, there is an online translator which the ladies use to translate Russian to English or any other language.

Another thing I like is that this site has a strong, stated anti-scam policy, and is dedicated to keeping the service as authentic as possible.

I have to say that if you are ready for a positive change in your life like I am on the path to, Lucky Lovers is one of the best eastern European dating services you could use. I use this site for instant contact, while at the same time using the other sites explored at Russian mail order brides.