More Than Pickup Lines:
Dating Tips for Men
That Really Work

More than pickup lines: We have found a source for dating tips and advice that will show you how to stop trying to impress women and doing all of the wrong things, and start having fun and discover what women really respond to and why.

When you think back to your past relationships, have you ever felt like she made a choice, but you took what you could get?

And let us also ask you, have you ever read something and had it ring true immediately?

That was our experience in reading and hearing this in-depth dating advice and tips for meeting and dating women.

We were a bit skeptical at first, thinking that dating advice must be a subject area where there is a lot of hype.

But instead, we found this information to be effective, fun, and immediately usable.

It reminded us of what Tony Robbins said, in Personal Power II.

He said that when he wanted to accomplish something, instead of going to the usual books and other similar sources, he would find out who is on the cutting edge, and do what they do.

Well, this is one of those kinds of cutting edge sources.

You'll find out how to meet women effectively; why you should stop trying to impress a woman; how to have fun in the process of getting to know her; where to take her; what women really want in a guy and why.

Yes, there are pickup lines here too. But more importantly, you find out how to get your inner game in order first.

Your attitudes are the foundation for approaching and dating women, and you'll discover how to get your approach right from the inside.

For more of the best dating tips and advice for men we have found, click here.

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