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Christian online dating sites: Here is some of what you'll find ahead in this page:

  • What does Dr. Laura say about relationships and scriptures? If you are not a Christian single, should you consider meeting one?

  • Christian singles have been finding that is one of the leading Christian online dating sites for like-minded singles.

  • Love poems for Christian singles or for any purpose.

  • One of the largest and most active services for Christian dating online is A Singles Christian Network.

  • Many Christian singles turn to eHarmony when looking for Christian dating online, because they match singles based on values and life outlook in 29 different categories.

  • Ecards for Christian singles - Here is a great source for ecards, with breathtaking photography.

  • Christian Answers of the Month - Topics of concern, not just for Christian singles.

    If you are a seeking aservice for Christian dating online, and Single Christian Network could hold an equally yoked relationship for you.

    You'll also find other sources of inspiration, such the daily verse below, love poems, and ecards just for Christians.

    Not a Christian single? You might still consider one of these Christian online dating sites, especially if you've had a bad dating or relationship experience recently.

    Dr. Laura Schlessinger has said that it seems the single most impressive way of helping people get focused on a satisfying relationship is scriptures; that people who are open to a higher power are more in the mode of thinking beyond themselves, more charitable in heart and action, more resolute in their intent to work things out, and more savvy about the deeper levels of satisfaction.

    If you think you are ready for this type of relationship (and who wouldn't be), it could be wise not to rule out Christian singles online dating.

    ABC's of Romance

    This article is reprinted from Christian Singles News

    Attention. Everyone needs/wants attention. Pay attention to the object of your affection. You'll end up with more affection!
    Balance. Who wants to spend time with a one dimensional non-entity. Variety is the spice of life. If you are a football addict, try a symphony concert. Allow a reasonable time for the various phases of life--work, play, worship, family, study.
    Christ. As a Christian single, remember that the relationship that starts with Jesus at the center has a much better chance of lasting that one that is 'self' centered.

    Click here for D through Z, ABC's of Romance!

    Today's Verse

    ______________________ is an online Christian dating service which is considered one of the best. Here, not only can you search photos and personal ads, you can also search the Bible, by verse or by phrase. They also provide a feature which allows you to choose a version of the Bible - KJV, NIV, or NASB.

    BigChurch has an active membership and an Instant Messaging system that has many users. The site is large, and it doesn't matter if you are looking for black online single Christian dating or are a member of another group, there is a good chance you may find something here. Here is a screen shot of singles online in the IM system on a recent visit to

    Follow this link for photos and personal ads at Big Church, possibly the largest service for Christian dating online.

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    Love poetry can be a very touching way to express love given or received, in either a Christian or everyday context.

    Click here to find love poems for Christians, as well as love poems in a variety of categories.


    A Singles Christian Network is a very active and growing site for those looking for Christian dating online. They offer photo and ad search, prayer and advice forums for the discussion of Bible topics and prayer support. This Christian dating site claims 2,000 marriages and counting!

    There are some great articles for Christian singles here, like ABC's of Romance (also shown above); Dialogue With God; There is a Rest You Cannot Find in Sleep; Single Women, Married Men; Is it God's Love or Toxic Love?; and more.

    You can read countless testimonials and success stories at their website, and here are a few:

    “I was a skeptic when I first got on the site. In less than 3 weeks I have found the most important person in my life. Thank you! We found each other with God's help and now our future is in his hands. Please take me off the site as I don't need it anymore. Thank you again.” T.R.

    “Please go ahead and cancel my membership. Through your website, I have met a wonderful Christian man and pray that God will continue to deepen our relationship. Thank you so much.” E.H.

    “I have found my true love and we are now married and I would like to be removed from your mailing list.” T.C.

    To see photos and ads of Christian singles for free at A Single Christians Network, click here for a possible match made in heaven.

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    Here is a great source for ecards for Christian singles (or any Christian):

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