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Here are some profound observations, not only about finding an Asian bride, but also about love, relationships, and life.

One big question asked frequently by those interested in finding any foreign bride is what kind of women use their services and why do they want to leave their countries.

Well, this is easy to answer since 95% of the Asian women published have the same basic interest, hope and outlook as 95% of the men who read the Asian bride publications, whether paper or electronic.

Most of the women who would become your Asian bride have a sense that there is a man some place, on the great planet of ours, who will truly love her for exactly what she is and therefore, treat her correctly as a good husband would.

I know what some of you are thinking, what about all those stories your friends told you of how an Asian bride just wants to get to the US or another country and will leave you when they can, or that if you marry the woman, you now own their family.

COMMON SENSE WARNING: Not every woman who publishes her ad is looking for love and marriage. There is always that 5% or 10% who live in "survival mode" about life and just want to leave their country or want to get something from you, and this is true even in the USA.

How to protect yourself if you meet such a woman while looking for an Asian bride:

1. "DO NOT SEND MONEY". If any woman wants you to send her money because her mother, father, grandmother, etc., needs an operation, or is not going to be able to pay for her college this next semester or anything like that, "DO NOT SEND MONEY", and please let them know about her.

2. Make sure you know who you are and what's really most important to you. Take the time needed and do not be in a hurry or survival about love. This will help you to have great common sense when it comes to finding your True Love.

"Water Seeks Its Own Level."

Water seeking its own level is a Natural Law and it governs the interaction between all liquid bodies, also known as "fluid dynamics" for you engineer types. The law basically says, if you have two bodies of liquid which are connected in some way, no matter what the difference in size between these two bodies, the liquid of both bodies will seek a common level.

Well, this law is true in other areas of life too! "The Laws of Nature govern the interactions between all bodies in the Universe, celestial bodies like planets and stars, as well as human bodies, just like ours!" (One of my personal quotes for you...)

So, the persons who have these above things happen to them, have a whole lot to do with why it happens. For the record, there is about an 80% - 90% success rate of their marriages, so it's obvious this only happens in a very small percent of these marriages. It's up to you to do the leg work in your letters and make sure you and your future Asian bride have enough in common to hold hands the whole journey.

Okay, so what do I do now?

Cherry Blossoms, a major source for finding an Asian bride, has been in existence and involved in asian dating since 1974, and has helped over 30,000 men and Asian women meet and get married from using their services.

This site is mainly for western men to find an Asian woman, although Asian ladies may also search numerous mens' photos as well. There are also numerous women from other countries, such as Russia and Ukraine.

Click here to read the rest of this article on Asian brides at Cherry Blossoms.

When you register (free) at Cherry Blossoms, the first page you see contains the first 50 thumbnail photos of 1000 engagements and marriages from those who have found their Asian bride. Clearly, they are doing something right.

"Be at Peace within Yourself and Learn to Let Nature Take Its Course!"

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