Can These Adult Personals and Photos Be Real?

So, you're wondering where are the best in adult personals these days, where the people are real?

If you're like us, when you see some of these wild adult ads and photos at the adult dating sites below, you might be wondering if people are really out there looking for the same things as you are.

Well, we have been checking them out. Tough job, but someone has to do it.

We've made it easy to to check them out for yourself - for your comparison, here's what we think about the adult personals sites we've personally visited:

  • SexyAds: Some of the most jaw dropping adult personals anywhere. Below you'll see why we think it is the #1 choice of many, and what we found on a recent visit.
  • See photos below of some of the sexy singles at LavaLife, and find out more about adult personals there.
  • Send an erotic adult ecard - free!
  • For many, adult personals are almost synonymous with Adult Friend Finder. Here's why.
  • Check out live adult web cam chat and video clips here.
  • But there is no question, whether you are male or female, if you are looking for something a bit on the wild side, you are not the only one, as you can see by taking a look at the adult personals at our favorite adult dating sites below.

    The internet has given both men and women the freedom to search for what they are looking for in adult personals, without many of the concerns they would otherwise have.

    We run across personal ads now and then that do not seem real - maybe the photo is too posed to be true, maybe the personal ad seems too "canned". But we think that overall, if you stay with these reputable sites, you'll avoid the scams.

    And as always, use your own best judgement.


    The Best in Adult Personals?

    We think SexyAds, is a must-see adult personals site for the value they offer, and many people seem to agree.

    They say you can contact nearly 400,000 singles (and non-singles) here. For adult personals, they seem to have it covered, from photo galleries of members, online sex magazine, and many articles and advice columns.

    Once you use the service, you start to realize how much there is here, that there is much more here than adult personal ads and photos, and a Naughty Photo Competition...

    Uh... Not that we really lingered in that area or anything.

    They have a regular newsletter and an online relationship magazine, SA Gazette, where you'll find columns on many topics, advice, tips and articles of special interest, like tips for writing ads and online dating safety. Topics also extend to the more erotic.

    Here are some current articles from SexyAds:

    Curing Loneliness

    One of the worst romantic problems facing many people is quite simply not having a partner to play with. We all have different needs with this one. Sometimes we want someone to relieve the sexual yearning. Sometimes we want a major love fest to bloom, whether it’s for a season of enchantment or a lifetime of devotion...

    The Value of Chemistry

    Are you questioning the validity of chemistry and it's value to your next potential relationship? Do you believe that you cannot have a successful long term, physical or sexual or emotional relationship with a person with whom you have NO chemistry?

    Well, a lot of us are asking these questions... For the full articles, click here to go to SexyAds. Do a free, quick sign-up, then click on "Magazine" at the top of the page, for this article or similar ones.

    We like the way they cater to women as well as men, to the benefit of both. For example, at left is part of a recent article on how to write adult personals to appeal to the ladies.

    We found these to be some of their best services:

    They have great personalized online support, with questions quickly answered by return email.

    Excellent Search & Browse Criteria - search by gender, age bracket, distance from you, body type, ethnicity, online status, and, uh...size...for VIP Kama Sutra members.

    Check out the Tailored Chat Rooms 16 separate chat rooms, arranged by sexual preference and interests, geographic location and age grouping. All members are actively seeking new partners and/or erotic fun.

    The site allows you to be totally anonymous and discreet until you're ready to reveal more about yourself.

    Free members have only a limited number of emails and ad replies. Although they say that free members have access to only G-rated photos, they probably meant to say R...we saw some very explicit photos before we became paying members! When you do upgrade, you have access to entire site.

    At right are some men who were online when we visted recently, ladies at the top, men below.

    Here are some comments from sexy guys and ladies who have joined:

    "I don't think any website responds to their customers so well and so rapidly." - CostaLiving.

    "Been here about a month, have had two great experiences and workin on more. Thanks!" - DrWhat.

    "I truly found my life partner, my soulmate, my best friend. Thank you!" - Mesha PA

    To see photos and adult personals at SexyAds, click here to join instantly for free - this is one of the best adult dating sites.


    By the way, if you want to send a free adult ecard to someone you've found in the adult personals, we found a great source - click here for adult ecards.

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