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Online Dating Updates from A Cut Above - Online Dating, Issue #101 -- Save Money on Valentines's Day
February 01, 2003

Valentine's Day Special!

Thank you for subscribing to our update newsletter from A Cut Above - Online! As promised, we contact you to let you know of any specials, promotions, or anything else worth telling you about in the world of online dating.

This deal is worth telling you about, because you can save a good deal of money on this premium priced online dating service!

If you have been thinking about joining an online dating service and are serious about finding a life partner,

Eharmony is a great site which provides extensive questionaires to insure compatibility between people, based on values and outlook on life. Once you know there is chemistry, you also know there is a solid basis for long-term compatibility.

EHarmony is used by single men and women who are serious about finding a compatible life partner.

They are a bit more expensive than most other online dating sites, because of the value they offer. And that makes this an even better deal!

Ok, here it is. Click one the links for one of the specials:

February Valentine's Special! Buy 1 Month eHarmony membership, Get Second Month FREE - Promo Code = VAL2003CJ-1 (save $49.95)

February Valentine's Day Special! Buy 3 Month eHarmony membership, Get 3 Months FREE - Promo Code = VAL2003CJ-2 (save $99.95)

February Valentine's Day Special! Buy 6 Month eHarmony membership, Get 6 Months FREE - Promo Code = VAL2003CJ-3 (save $159.95)

If you haven't visited for a while, be sure and check our site at A Cut Above Online

Other great everyday deals you may want to check out are, for adult personals, SexyAds (highly recommended for ladies and men), and for relationships,, and Friendfinder.

We hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day!

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