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March 1, 2005 03:32 - Talk Live to a Russian Woman Sunday

If you're wondering what this process involving Russian brides is all about, you may want to make a note of an upcoming event. This Sunday, March 6, at 11:00 AM EST A Foreign Affair is hosting a conference call with two ladies from St. Petersburg, Russia. This is a great opportunity to call in and ask the ladies anything within reasom that you have been wondering about, such as why she is looking for someone abroad.

The Russian women who will participate on this call have not yet been announced, but you can be sure it will be an interesting time. I missed the last one, so I'm going to make a point of catching this one. You'll find the phone number on the home page at A Foreign Affair, and you'll be able to check out photos of a few of the women as well.

I have found this site to be one of the best Russian brides sites, and I use them frequently.

March 9, 2005 03:54 - Let's Try This Again - Talk Live to a Russian Woman Sunday

If you called in for the conference call with Russian women last Sunday like me, you found that there was no one there (see previous entry).

Evidently there were technical problems at A Foreign Affair's St. Petersburg office, and the call did not take place as planned.

However, there will be a call this Sunday, March 13, at 11:00 AM EST. If you are considering a Russian bride this is a great chance to call in and ask questions of two lovely single Russian women. It was announced that the ladies who will be taking part in this call have are Oksana (#64460) and Tatiana (#69500) at A Foreign Affair.

Use the search feature at their website to find photos of these lovely Russian women, and to get the phone number for the conference call from the home page. This will be the same phone number they mention in reference to the Monday night conference call.

Also, A Foreign Affair announced that they are adding a new romance tour destination this summer. There will be a tour to Kazan, Russia on June 8 through June 19. Kazan is east of Moscow. The tour will involve 3 days and one social in Moscow, and the rest of the time will be spent in Kazan, where there will be two socials.

Typically, the first tour is a great experience for the women and the guys, since there has usually been very little exposure to western men in these cities.

So, the Sunday conference call should be an interesting experience. And if you're considering a Russian bride, you may want to make note of the first tour to Kazan by A Foreign Affair.

March 15, 2005 04:29 - Russian Brides: The Amazing Window of Opportunity

When I am browsing photos of gorgeous women on the Russian brides websites, or listening to the Monday night conference call at A Foreign Affair, I am sometimes struck by the what seems to me like an incredible window of opportunity for guys who are not finding the kind of woman they seek in their own country.

One thing that makes me mention this is something that was discussed on that conference call on Russian brides and Russian women in general. During the discussion, Bud, the moderator, made the point that beauty is a commodity in the US, upon which we place much value. A beautiful woman in the US or any western country has probably had a lot of choices in her life, and has been treated as special. And although there are quality women in the west, beauty is often accompanied with high maintenance, and a lot of other problems. To that I would add, that although I have met beautful, quality women in the US, beauty is often accompanied by massive dysfunction. Ask me how I know...;)

As guys, we often compound the problem by our special treatment of beautiful women, but I digress.

Anyway, Bud went on to say that in Russia, beauty is not a commodity, there are beautiful women everywhere who have probably not been treated as queens all their lives (my description), who would not last 10 minutes in the US without being snatched up by someone. And yet, these are some of the most lovely, sincere women ready to treat you as you probably have not been treated before.

This, combined with some unique social and economic conditions which exist in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe, make an unprecedented window of opportunity for any guy who is not finding what he is looking for in the west. The primary condition making this possible is a lack of suitable men in these countries. I spoke with a lady from Russia who said that she visited a town not far from Moscow, where there was almost no evidence of any men at all.

I know I always talk about A Foreign Affair in these pages, because they are the leader in Russian bride tours, and I believe they are run by quality, sincere people.

But I want to also recommend an eastern European dating service for instant email and instant chat contact, if you want to test the waters and get a feel for what these women are all about. Check out Lucky Lovers, where I met a lovely Russian lady of 32 that I have been writing to for almost a year.

Although I said "test the waters", remember, there are real ladies on the other side of those emails and instant chat windows who genuinely want to get to know you. So don't lead them to believe anything that you are not ready to follow through on, because you will find that they are quite ready, given the right guy.

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