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February 1, 2005 17:00 - Men Talk About Meeting Women in Russia

Men Talk About Meeting Women in Russia

Last night, I listened in on one of the most fascinating sources for information on meeting Russian women, especially in a group tour.

Every Monday night, there is a conference call hosted by A Foreign Affair (AFA). You can call in and ask questions about meeting a potential Russian bride, and talk about it with up to 50 other guys from around the world.

These are people who know what they are talking about. The very friendly and informative AFA moderator, Bud, met his wife on a tour to St. Petersburg, and is well acquainted with the process. And there were several guys who called in who had been on recent tours, so the "Russian bride experience" was well represented.

Here are some of the topics that were discussed:

Upcoming Tours

First, they announced information about a few upcoming tours to Russia and Ukraine.

The tour to Odessa and Kherson, Ukraine (3/23-4/4) still has 5 seats left and 5 hotel rooms, so if you hurry, you can still get a place.

The Kiev/Vinnitsa tour (3.30-4/10) is at 50% capacity.

There are also other upcoming tours to St. Petersburg/Novgorod 4/6-5/18, and Volgograd/Moscow 4/13-4/25. Now is the time to sign up if you have been thinking about it.

Reports on the Recent Nizhniy Novgorad Tour

There were several guys who called in (without being asked), and reported that their tour experience to Nizhniy
Novgorad was incredible. Two of the callers will soon have Russian brides - they had gotten engaged while they were there, and there were a total of four engagements on the tour.

One of the guys who had gotten engaged explained that he is just an average guy, a construction worker, and he met a great girl who has two university degrees, and also does some modeling work. She spoke no English, and he used an interpreter.

The guys absolutely raved about the awesome women in this city.

Nizhniy Novgorad was a "closed city" for many years, and there is a large number of women who have not been exposed to any foreigner.

On this tour, they were very excited about foreigners coming to the city, and made the visitors feel like celebrities! A TV crew was waiting for them, and one of the men was on TV 3 times.

More of what they said next time:

-- Language barrier or date opportunity?

-- Do the Russian women really just want to come to America?
(More information)

February 7, 2005 19:35 - Russian Brides: Talk Live to a Russian Lady; Language Barrier; Russian Women Compared to American Women

First, I should mention that an announcement was made during A Foreign Affair's conference call on 2/7/05, that they will be talking to two Ukrainian ladies from Kiev at 10:00 AM EST Sunday, 2/13. This will be a good chance for guys to call in and ask why the girls consider a foreign man, why is it hard to meet someone there, etc.

At this time, they plan to talk to Elena (#65983), and Nadia, 20 (#65189), both from Kiev. You can see photos of these ladies by searching their profile numbers at A Foreign Affair's website. You'll also find the phone number at the website.

So, to continue what was discussed at the last conference call, where men can call in and ask questions and discuss the fascinating process of seeking a Russian bride, often known as a "mail order bride".

As I've said before, that term is a little misleading. This process, of course, simply represents sincere men and women seeking each other for the right reasons.

Language Barrier, or Great Date Opportunity?

A caller asked how can you really get to know the personality if you can't understand what someone is saying,
even when you use an interpreter? Another caller pointed out that body language and other non-verbal cues are often the greater part of communication.

Actually, this is true, according to other sources -- there have been studies that have reported that the spoken word is only something like 8% of what is communicated. I have no idea how they arrived at 8%, but the point is that it is a small part of the picture.

One of the AFA representatives, Dan, an American who lives in Russia, talked about one of the greatest dates he ever had. It was a date with a Russian lady who spoke no English whatsoever. They spent about 4 hours together with 2 pens and a Russian-English dictionary, and had a great time.

Many of the girls are able to learn English well enough to communicate in 60-90 days.


Another caller asked if you are required to go to all of the socials (usually there are three, with 200-300 women to 2-30 guys). The AFA moderator replied that it really is a good idea to go to all three, and it's srongly encouraged.

If you only meet several women and don't go to the other socials, you deprive yourself of the chance to meet what could be that one special lady, your potential Russian bride.

If you do meet someone special at the first social, you can confirm your feelings by going to the other socials and meeting other women, and that way you'll know she is the one. When you have met many women, then you will know it when you meet the right one.

Russian Women Compared to American Women

One caller talked about being tired of the run-around with American women, and wanted to know how Russian Women compare with American women.

This brought some laughter and strong reactions in favor of the Russian women, who were described as more romantic, beautiful, intelligent, and they actually want to get to know you! Their heart is in the right place and they are doing things for the right reasons.

One caller who had been on a tour said that said that the Russian women asked questions about things like family, friends, and relationships, NOT what year is your car, do you have a vacation home, etc., like American women!

More next time... Remember the conference call to Russian women on Sunday, 2/13 at 10:00 AM EST if you want to ask questins of these ladies, or just listen in.

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