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January 29, 2005 20:18 - Welcome to Russian Mail Order Bride News

This is a news report about topics of interest to anyone considering or seeking a Russian "mail order bride",, from the perspective of someone also involved in that search.

Although the term "mail order bride" is a bit misleading in describing these exceptional, intelligent, lovely ladies, I use it because it because many people are familiar with it, and find this information by that term. (See the link below for more information.)

I will be bringing you:

  • Photos of the most recent stunning and interesting ladies seeking to become Russian brides to western men

  • Sources for Russian brides that I trust, advantages of different sources

  • News on upcoming romance tours to Russia and Ukraine

  • Discussion and tips about Russian mail order brides
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January 30, 2005 14:34 - Why Men Search For Russian Mail Order Brides

Many of us, being unaware of what have become known as Russian "mail order brides", start out using local online dating services. But as I have, it is becoming more common for many guys to decide to expand their horizons beyond their own country, if they are not finding what they are looking for, even while still keeping local options open.

Russian and Ukrainian women who would become "mail order brides" are legendary for their exotic beauty and intelligence - you may have noticed these qualities in the Russian ladies appearing recently on reality TV shows, such as the show featuring the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit competition.

You may remember a reality show in 2004 (I don't recall the name) featuring the cowboy who played the (false) role of a Texas millionaire for a group of stunning foreign ladies he had to choose from. At least one, and if I remember correctly, possibly several, of these ladies were from eastern Europe.

Many guys say that they are looking for a possible Russian mail order bride after having gone through literally years of feeling lucky if local girls showed even the slightest interest when approached . They couldn't believe it when single Russian women actually wanted to get to know them, and seriously considered them as possible partners.
What a concept!

To be continued...
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